Mayflower Activities

Table Tennis is the focus Sport for the month of April during 2020, the year when we remember the history surrounding the sailing of the Pilgrim Fathers in the Mayflower.

Table Tennis in Plymouth, at present, is overseen by the Plymouth Table Tennis Partnership which is made up of representatives from Plymouth TTC, Joola Plymouth TTC, Plymouth City Council, Active Devon, Devon Schools Table Tennis Association, Crafthole TTC and a number of Secondary Schools from across the City as well as Budehaven School in Cornwall.

The Partnership has been asked to put on a range of activities throughout April with a view to showcasing the social, competitive and health and well being benefits of being involved in Table Tennis. Our objectives are, that as a result of the events on offer throughout the month, there will be an increase in participation in the League structure that is run across the City and the Local District; a widening of the base of recreational players able to access social venues across Plymouth; and more young people being introduced to competitive play while at School.

Current and Previous League Players

If you are currently playing, or have played in the P and D League, come along to Eggbuckland Community College between 5.00pm - 8.00pm to help trial new formats for League play that could be used in the future: 29/03/20, 12/04/20, 19/04/20, 26/04/20 and 03/05/20. Bring your own team of three or we can match you up with other players to try some new ideas.

Fort Stamford Sports and Social Club

If you are a member of the Fort Stamford Sport and Social Club, come along to the 'Roadshow' event which is being held at the Club on 01/04/20 between 9.30am - 3.30pm. There will be 4 tables available for people to play on in the Squash Courts and a robot challenge in the Conservatory for people to test their skills throughout the day. No charge and no need to book. Just turn up and have a go after or before you use the other facilities.

Special Olympics Fraternity

If you would like to see competitors from the Special Olympics fraternity, Table Tennis is one of a number of Sports being brought to the City for the Mayflower 400 Events. Players from all the countries involved will be showing off their skills at Eggbuckland Community College over the weekend of 04/04/20 and 05/04/20.

Plymouth Piazza - All Welcome

Open to absolutely everyone, come along to Plymouth Piazza on 08/04/20 where you'll find a dozen tables ready to use throughout the day. Outdoor Table Tennis is a growing activity and Plymouth has had tables provided by the Ping Project available around the City for the last three years. Always a fun activity it becomes all the funnier and all the more challenging when you have the elements to deal with as well.

Something for the Seniors

We know that there are more and more seniors playing Table Tennis in Plymouth. There are recreational venues cropping up across the City where players over the age of 60 are regularly meeting, playing and socialising and, as a result, enjoying the health and well being benefits that are linked to playing Table Tennis. We'd like to give some of you the opportunity to meet and mix for a Bat and Chat session at Eggbuckland Community College on 09/04/20 between 1.30pm - 4.00pm. There will be 8 tables for you to use and the Joola Table Tennis Club Social Area will also be open where free refreshments will be available for everyone who attends.


Teaching Staff Challenge

Probably the most competitive event of the week, the Teaching Staff Challenge being held at Eggbuckland Community College on 17/04/20 between 4.30pm -7.30pm is open to teams from any School (Secondary and Primary) or College within the City. The competition is being organised as a 'Pairs' event so each Team can be either 2 or 4 players. Joola Plymouth Table Tennis Club is providing a buffet for everyone entering the event so there's a chance to socialise after a week at work as well as play.

Return to Table Tennis

A call to anyone still living in or around the City who has played in the P and D League at some point in the past but is no longer playing. We are running a 'Return to Table Tennis' event at Eggbuckland Community College on 19/04/20 between 2.00pm - 5.00pm. Joola Plymouth Table Tennis Club will have the Social open at the same time so a chance to socialise while the cobwebs are being blown away. Anyone still playing who can bring along past players is more than welcome to join in the fun as well.

Recreational Players - Workplace

Another competition for the recreational players will take the form of a 'Workplace' event being held at Eggbuckland Community College on 24/04/20 between 7.00pm - 10.00pm. Plymouth City Council will be using a tried and tested format for Businesses which have Social players amongst their ranks. Thanks to Joola Plymouth Table Tennis Club for opening up the Social Area again so that players can enjoy refreshments throughout the evening.

After School Hours

Finally, a new event for Schools in Plymouth. A chance for your After School Hours players to take part in an event without the high flyers being involved. This one is open only to players who do not play in the League or have a National ranking. There will be an U11, U13 and U15 set of competitions for boys and girls held at Eggbuckland Community College on 29/04/20 between 10.00am - 2.30pm. Entry forms for this one will be sent directly to Schools along with further details.