Player/teams Required


Players Looking For Teams

If you are looking for a team please contact Russ Keith at PDTTC@HOTMAIL.CO.UK

Steve Kingston (07704344436) is looking for a team in Div 3 for season 2019/20. 

Steve hasn't played for many years now but reckons he is of a match play standard of Div 3.

Nick Taylor (07866621710) is looking for a team. 

Nick played in Div 5 when there were 10 Divisions, so possibly Div 2 would be suitable for him.

Teams Looking For Players

WOODLAND FORT are looking for Players in Div 2 and 3 for season 2019/20. 

Contact Ian Lindsay 07456736404

CHADDLEWOOD are looking for Players for Division 1, 2 and 3 for season 2019/20.

Contact Russ Keith 07738273476