TT Fines (Download) and Fees

To use the Fines and Fees Page click the Download below and Microsoft Excel will start to open.

Firstly enable the editing option if prompted at the top of the screen (in a yellow band).

Then enable the Macros when prompted at the top of the screen (in a yellow band)

If you are then prompted about making this a trusted document, I suggest you say Yes but it is entirely up to you!

Use the drop down button at A3 and select your club – this will show all data for this club

Use the drop down button at B3 and select your team – this will show all data for this club/team.

Then using the buttons at the top right of the spreadsheet you can see different views of the spreadsheet.

If you seem to get lost with the data you are viewing, use the forth button on the right to reset everything and start again!

You can save this spreadsheet to your desktop for printing options etc

We suggest that when you are paying fines or fees, you print the page and mark up the payments you are making and pass to the appropriate Committee member with payment


Pay the same way as HQ Practice Fees (using the envelope). 


Post to Pete Nicholson, 24 Woodland Way, Torpoint, Cornwall, PL11 2DW


by Bank Transfer, Bankers Automated Clearance System (BACS) using the following details

Name:  Plymouth & District Table Tennis Club

Sort Code: 30 12 74

Account Number: 00767848

Please add a Reference to what you are paying the money for.

If you are having any problems and require further assistance, please contact Russ Keith (see your handbook for contact details)


Practice Fees are to be noted in the payment book and sealed into an envolope provided and placed in the Office letterbox near the HQ entrance at the end of the Sessions.